AboutWeb, LLC. has been a custom IT solutions shop for over 15 years. Recently, in working with our clients, we have identified some areas where a single product could solve similar problems for our customers. We have built several products now and are always adapting them to make them better and more robust. Below are several products that we have recently launched or are coming soon.

TouchStone System

TouchStone System: The TouchStone Accreditation & Assessment Management System was developed to fill the need for a common platform that allows managing accreditation, assessments and quality review following standards compliance across multiple industries and programs of accreditation. It allows your organization to engage, track and manage customers, assessors and the entire accreditation and assessment review process from initial quote to accreditation maintenance in a seamless web-based environment. The core of our system is to have a flexible architecture with different modules so that the system itself can be adapted and utilized in a variety of ways to meet our clients’ needs.


Testing and Review mobile application

This mobile platform was developed as part of a solution to a commercial customer. Built in Air, the mobile application includes several key administration features that allow our client to customize their content and quickly modify the mobile application based on customer feedback. This is currently being adapted for use with several other clients as they expand beyond their traditional website models into the mobile world. 

Conference Management mobile application

This application was built in-house as part of our RiaCon conference. While the conference is currently on hold while we transition it to more of a application security focus, the mobile application platform has been adapted for several clients and remains a product platform and prototype for our clients.