AboutWeb understands how mobile development extends the capabilities of more traditional web applications. We develop secure mobile applications that focus on code reuse while deploying natively through technologies such as Titanium, Adobe AIR, and PhoneGap. By combining performance with mobility, AboutWeb helps our clients succeed at their mission wherever that mission takes them.

Adobe AIR - RIACON Mobile Application

Adobe AIR - CPA Review Mobile Application

Secure Mobile First Design / Responsive Layouts

With the rapidly increasing adoption of mobile devices for browsing the internet, AboutWeb has implemented a secure mobile-first responsive design strategy for all current and new web development projects. This ensures that smartphone and tablet users have an optimal experience for their interface while reducing the development time needed to either create a separate mobile site or application. Below is a sample of the Cyberscurity-Careers.com responsive layout at iPhone and iPad screen widths.

Mobile Phone


Portrait Layout

Landscape Layout