“My name is Doretha J. and I’m homeless for now…going over this kind of bridge, being homeless I need a lot of Faith. I started to re-enter the community, learning how to do my resume, and how to operate the computer.  I met at the job fair folks from AboutWeb Cares.  In two days I was contacted by email and I responded right back to set up an interview to meet with the AboutWeb Cares Hiring Manager. I’m now working for AboutWeb Cares. I have a bank account now, saving for my own home, and learn technology along the way. Thanks AboutWeb Cares, my future is a lot more stable now.”

-Doretha J.

“AboutWeb Cares gave me an opportunity to rebuild my life. AboutWeb Cares gave me a platform to showcase my skills, talents, and learn how to be a better team player. After having a two-year gap in my employment history on my resume…let’s just say employers weren’t kicking down my door with job opportunities. While out doing my daily job search, I went to a job fair that day. I figured, “What do I have to lose?” I must admit that I did not have too much hope in finding a job at this job fair because I had been to so many in the past without success. The inviting atmosphere at AboutWeb Cares and the down to earth personable staff made me feel like this is where I want to be. I started as part-time at 10 hours a week. I took a chance. In less than 2 months I got an increase in hours, and now I am working as a Trainer in the Baltimore office. You ultimately decide where you want to go and what you want to do in life. I am so appreciative that AboutWeb Cares crossed my path. I am looking forward to the future and continuing a career in the IT field.”

-Lex P.

“I was recently laid off for about 4 months and was finding it difficult to land a new position in my field of Healthcare Insurance.  I have always had an interest in Human Resources, recruiting specifically, but had no official training or experience.  Then I found AboutWeb Cares! They gave me a chance. Within 30 days of being hired, I was promoted to Resource Manager!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to not only be employed again, but also gaining Human Resource experience as well, helping others to better themselves and their employment skills.”

-Stephanie C.

“My experience with aboutwebcares.com has truly been a blessing in disguise. I really am grateful to discover this great company. I’m finally back in my field of graphic design and helping other people learn about what we do and also helping people learn about Information Technology. I look forward to coming on board full-time and becoming one of the leaders that help in taking this company to the next level and beyond.”

-Darrell G.

“My experience with AboutWeb has been great. I enjoy working for the company and all my co-workers such as Mrs. Tami, Mrs. Noel, Mrs. Stephanie, Mr. Jim, and Mr. Robert. So far at About Web IT Consultant Firm, I’ve learned to improve my internet research skill set and other computer skills. I’ve also learned how to use a CRM system which I never worked on before. My time here has been wonderful so far. The hours are flexible, which is great because the hours allow me to attend other activities in my life. Thank you AboutWeb for giving me the opportunity to work here. “

-JoAnn S.

When Mr. Robert and his team came into Ms. Faust’s Goodwill classroom where I was preparing for my MTA certification, I was excited to posssibly have a chance to work with the AboutWeb program. After obtaining my certification in Operating Systems and being invited to join the team, I have learned so much and have greatly enjoyed working with Noel, Tami, and my other co-workers. I have found full time employment and will be leaving as of 5/23/2018. I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to work in a productive and fun setting. I will miss the friends I have made but see your company growing and helping the community.

-Margaret G.

“The AboutWeb Cares HubZone Program has been a fantastic opportunity for me to learn more about this field. With this program, I have gained valuable knowledge about technology and added new skills to my resume. The program is flexible enough for me to work while in school — I wish every company offered this! “

-Alexa G.

“I love being a part of the AboutWeb program! It’s opened my eyes to the IT industry, inspired me to learn new skills, and expanded my career possibilities. I highly recommend AboutWeb for professionals who want to advance their careers.”

-Alisa S.

“I have been working for About.web for more than a year now and it has proved to be a good experience for me. I have been able to develop and learn both personally and professionally without having to sacrifice time. About Web is a nice place to work with colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support.”

-Milroy M.

“I started working for your company not knowing much about IT, but skills I have learned while working with AboutWeb have not only expanded my knowledge, but also my resume. The people who I have worked for are extremely knowledgeable and constantly want to help me learn and grow. Also, working while in school can be challenging, but you have given me not only flexible hours, but also a flexible location.”

-Katie P.