Green Initiatives

AboutWeb has championed green efforts, both day to day in our offices as well as through IT projects with our partners. During our ongoing relationship with NIST, we worked to consolidate 11 of the organization’s Oracle servers down to one machine. AboutWeb coordinated with 11 different agencies while working with NIST’s Virtual Library, and the result saved 90% of energy usages. This project reduced energy costs and physical space while making the system faster and more reliable.

Likewise, in our own offices, AboutWeb has taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We have considerably reduced the number of our own physical servers using VMware, and we have reduced physical waste via cloud computing and collaboration software. Our offices utilize a number of energy-reducing tactics including turning off lights and machines and programming thermostats to change based on temperature and office hours. Each location recycles and provides an open forum to brainstorm further ways to conduct a greener business.