AboutWeb Wins 2018 “Corporate Citizen of the Year” Award at National HUBZone Conference

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(Pictured above: Robert Epstein, President & CEO of AboutWeb and Founder of AboutWeb Cares)

October 12, 2018 (Chantilly, VA) – AboutWeb was honored to be selected as the 2018 Corporate Citizen of the Year Award at the National HubZone Conference for their outstanding work with the AboutWeb Cares program. The HUBZone Council’s Corporate Citizen of the Year Award honors excellence in corporate innovation, community outreach and acknowledgement, and promoting the values and spirit of the HUBZone program.

AboutWeb has been a leading provider of IT services and solutions as both a Prime and Subcontractor to the Federal Government, as well as commercial clients and associations, since 1998. In 2016, AboutWeb’s President & CEO Robert Epstein founded the AboutWeb Cares program to serve local communities by providing paid IT experience to people from economically disadvantaged areas.

Mr. Epstein started the program to address a problem he’d seen after 30+ years of working in the IT field: a surplus of highly-paid IT jobs located in areas with local populations filled with unemployed or underemployed individuals stuck in the cycle of generational poverty and dead-end jobs. Mr. Epstein realized that if we could find a way to train these local communities in IT, and provide a pathway for them to enter into the IT field, we could do a lot of social good and bring some much-needed prosperity into our struggling cities. With that in mind, the AboutWeb Cares program was created,

The AboutWeb Cares program provides professional development opportunities, including paid IT experience, Microsoft and Google Certification training, and free professional attire to people from economically disadvantaged areas. The AboutWeb Cares experience provides the bridge necessary to make the leap from IT education and training to full-time work within the IT field.

AboutWeb’s innovative “2 + 1 model” allows for the program to be entirely self funded through AboutWeb. The way it works is that for every two (2) people that AboutWeb deploys to perform IT services, the company invests a portion of the proceeds in hiring one (1) individual from an economically disadvantaged area, thus changing their life forever.

For more information on the AboutWeb Cares program, including how to apply, please visit aboutwebcares.com.

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