AboutWeb Promotions!

Michael Miller, AboutWeb’s current Controller is being promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Miller has been with AboutWeb for over 4 years and has 30 years of accounting and corporate management experience, including working at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Mr. Miller has been supporting a number of accounting initiatives and with this transition will continue to manage AboutWeb’s accounting processes but will also take on an expanded role in strategic analysis for M&A activities as well as developing pricing models for federal capture activities.


AboutWeb Promotes Michael DeMarco to Branch Manager

Michael DeMarco is being promoted from Business Development Manager to Branch Manager to oversee AboutWeb’s Baltimore office and the Prime Contract work at the Social Security Administration. Mr. DeMarco has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and over 14 years of experience with business development. He has been with AboutWeb for 3 years and has emerged as a leader for our Baltimore office.

AboutWeb Promotes Judith Braga to Operations Manager

Judy Braga has been promoted to Operations Manager. As AboutWeb has grown Judy has proven instrumental in developing internal operations processes to maintain a smooth internal structure. As AboutWeb continues to hire personnel into their operations team, Ms. Braga will manage the support staff and continue to implement new processes and tools to keep the company on track to meet objectives, while minimizing the impact to AboutWeb’s overhead costs. Ms. Braga has Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and has 7 years of experience in Operations and Management.

AboutWeb Promotes Robert Stine to Senior Resource Manager

Robert Stine is being promoted to Senior Resource Manager. Mr. Stine is local to the Virginia area and graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Criminology Law. He has been providing staff augmentation for both commercial and government clients. As AboutWeb has been expanding our recruitment staff, Mr. Stine has continued to mentor our new staff in recruitment techniques and will now take on a more formalized role for recruitment leadership. He will continue to primarily support our Northern Virginia office while working with staff across all our offices.

AboutWeb Promotes Patrick Endres to Business Resource Manager

Patrick Endres recently joined AboutWeb as a new member of our recruitment team. His ability to quickly adapt and learn, while providing excellent support for our existing team has proven his value to AboutWeb as a whole. He is being promoted to Business Resource Manager as he continues to develop his experience within the IT industry. Mr. Endres graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Linguistics and has experience working across an array of IT fields including business development and search engine optimization (SEO) for web design.

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