AboutWeb Cares Division Opens!

AboutWeb LLC is pleased to announce the opening of our AboutWeb Cares Division. This division will focus on serving underprivileged communities and helping entry level workers obtain the skills and experience they need to broaden their success in the job market. One of the primary goals of the program is to create jobs and train workers in new skills so the next generation of workers is better prepared for the challenges of the new job market. This division will also deploy members of the AboutWeb Cares team to assist with helping other not-for-profit or charity based organizations that need additional help in achieving their goals.

AboutWeb has always tried to promote social good by creating jobs with growth potential but now with the launching of this division, we think our impact can be better than ever! said Robert Epstein, President and CEO of AboutWeb.

Click the following link to view our AboutWeb Cares Division webpage.

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