AboutWeb Announces Touchstone Updates v1.5

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TouchStone v1.5 Release – New Assessment Findings, Resource Management & Partner Portal Features

AboutWeb is proud to announce version 1.5 release of our innovative platform, the TouchStone Accreditation & Assessment Management System.  This version includes more new functionality focused around resource partner management, assessment findings reporting and deficiency resolution.

Resource Management Module

Now included in the Administration Tool is a more robust Resource Management section for tracking and managing third party assessors and reviewers involved in the assessment and decision making process.  The Resource Management Module allows your organization to maintain technical capabilities, training and certifications, biography, assessment participation history and conflicts of interests.  Other upcoming future enhancements for this module include tracking a resource(s) schedule and availability for onsite assessments and viewing CAB feedback received after an onsite visit.

 Screenshot of Touchstone Resource Management Page

Administrative Tool – Resource Management Page

Partner Portal

This version introduces the new Partner Portal, empowering your assessors and other resources with their own dedicated, secured entry point to access all relevant information for assessments assigned to them and allows them to report their findings.  This portal allows assessors to receive alerts, manage their assessment assignments, share and view documents securely as well as giving them the power to maintain their profile records up to date such as their biography and reporting new training, certifications and technical capabilities.

Screenshot of Touchstone Assessment Findings Report

Partner Portal – Assessment Findings Report

Assessment Findings

One of the key goals for TouchStone was to enable and facilitate the collaboration between the accreditation body’s staff and program managers, customers and third party assessors in a secured and easy to use interface.  This new release continues supporting that goal by allowing deficiency reports to be entered, managed and resolved amongst all parties involved.  Assessors can now create deficiency reports while onsite and log specific deficiencies against one or more standard criteria.  Once submitted, administrative staff can review these deficiencies and submit an inquiry to customers to review and respond to each noted deficiency until it’s resolved by admin staff.  The entire resolution process including comments and attachments are documented into the system and available for review.

Screenshot of Touchstone Deficiency Report Details and Resolution Thread

Customer Portal – Deficiency Report Details and Resolution Thread

The TouchStone Accreditation & Assessment Management System was developed by AboutWeb to fill the need for a common platform that allows managing accreditation, assessments and quality review following standards compliance across multiple industries and programs of accreditation. It allows accreditation body organization to engage, track and manage customers, assessors and the entire accreditation and assessment review process from initial quote to accreditation maintenance in a seamless collaborative web based environment. The core of the system is a flexible architecture with feature complete modules so that the system itself can be adapted and utilized in a variety of ways to meet our clients’ needs.  For more information, visit www.touchstonesystem.com.