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This session Huyen Tue Dao will cover the Text Layout Framework (TLF), Adobe’s library for advanced typography and layout in Flash and Flex. We will discuss the basic structure of the TLF and the underlying Flash Text Engine (FTE) as well as how to utilize TLF in Flex applications, apply advanced formatting and layout, add user interaction, and extend the TLF to add custom functionality. We will also look at several demos including a TLF text editor and integration of Flex components with TLF-rendered text.

Huyen Tue Dao is a Flex consultant working for Universal Mind. She comes from a background in Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland and has worked with several languages and frameworks including C/C++, Java, Perl, and .NET. Her Flex experience began in 2006 with Flex 2. When she’s not staying up all night developing, Huyen is generally staying up all night gaming (console, desktop, mobile, board, card, anything really).

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